Manchester Leadership Programme

MLP & Employability

Successfully completing the MLP enables students to develop, and to provide evidence of, the personal and professional qualities graduate employers seek. Taking part in the MLP develops transferrable skills such as communication, team working and problem solving.

Research comissioned by The University of Manchester, has also identified five behaviours common to graduates who move smoothly and swiftly into the jobs they want, shortly after graduating.

These five behaviours are relevant no matter what subject you study or what type of work you want to do, and they can be developed by taking part in the MLP.

The five behaviours

Students who move quickly into graduate jobs tend to:


  • keep their options and their eyes open;
  • stretch themselves by trying things outside their comfort zone;
  • investigate possible careers and employers at an early stage;
  • take every opportunity to gain lots of varied experiences.


  • build their network and maintain contacts (peers and social contacts as well as experienced professionals);
  • use information from their contacts to research jobs and career paths.


  • adapt their communication to different audiences;
  • learn from others how to engage audiences;
  • introduce themselves effectively;
  • practise.


  • recognise their own skills and can illustrate with examples;
  • differentiate themselves from the competition.

Bounce back

  • are persistent;
  • learn from setbacks and constantly adapt;
  • start their job search early, learn from things which don't go well and approach the next opportunity positively.
Year-on-year, the market becomes more competitive. So for candidates to have done different projects and volunteering, and to have mixed with people out of their comfort zone, makes them more employable.Neil Fox, National Recruitment Manager, accountancy firm Baker Tilly